Because GS students are busy people with complex lives, we know from experience that all sorts of issues can arise that might cause challenges in the road toward graduation. We also know that talking about these challenges in a supportive and understanding space can help. Trajectory is designed to provide exactly that: a chance to check in with peers and deans about what’s going on, to build a team that can help provide accountability and support. Deans will host weekly meetings and guide conversations about study strategies, mindset, support services on campus, and more. Your team will work to help you stay focused on academics, remind you that someone is looking out for you, and hold you accountable to the goals you set for yourself—and you will do the same for them.

Participation in this group is entirely optional. If you opt in, we ask that you commit to attending weekly one-hour meetings, and to maintaining supportive and collegial relationships with your teammates. There will be no homework and no other claims on your time; in fact, we hope that participating in this group will help save you time and energy, by helping you maintain your focus on the path you’ve chosen.

To sign up or request more information, email