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Community Principles Statement

This statement was developed by the Community Principles working group composed of undergraduate students and staff from CC, Barnard, SEAS, and GS. The statement was informed by feedback from student leaders across the undergraduate community through a series of leadership summits starting in the spring of 2006.

Columbia University is a community of students, faculty, alumni, staff and visitors. As members of this community we understand that our actions as individuals impact not only our own lives but also those of our community. Through these principles we can continually engage each other in order to understand our differences and similarities.

We believe that intellectual discourse in all forms is essential to the University; as such it is vital that we give all perspectives a place to be expressed.

Only students in good academic and disciplinary standing are eligible to participate in student organizations, study away from Columbia, study abroad, and serve as officers on the General Studies Student Council (GSSC).  In addition, each student organization or group may have its own set of policies pertaining to minimum academic requirements for participation in that organization.

To be considered in good academic standing, undergraduates must maintain semester and cumulative grade-point averages of 2.0 or higher (including unofficial withdrawals (UW) or unauthorized incompletes), incur no failing grades, and make satisfactory academic progress. Students with multiple withdrawals, who are placed on academic or disciplinary probation, or required to withdraw for either academic or disciplinary reasons, are not considered to be in good standing.

The GS Student Life Office provides the opportunity for GS students to request subsidized tickets to events throughout the school year, sponsored by both recognized Student Groups and the Student Life office, in order support those with financial need.

Applicants seeking a subsidized ticket may either be a current full-time or part-time GS student.  All requests will be reviewed by GS Student Life staff members. 

Please note, you should only submit ONE ticket request (multiple requests will not be accepted, nor will requests be accepted if you have already purchased a full-priced ticket). Requests should be submitted on for events that have explicitly publicized subsidized ticket availability.

Subsidized Ticket Form