Departmental Events & Deadlines

Throughout the year, academic departments hold events for students to learn more about specific majors and programs as well as offer unique academic opportunities.

Fall 2020 Departmental Updates

Students are encouraged to review an overview of the Department of Religion course offerings for all three upcoming terms, to help students as they make decisions and plans for the academic year ahead.

In addition to semester-long (14-week) course offerings, the Department of Religion will also offer 7-week “immersive courses.” These courses will cover a semester’s worth of material in a shorter period of time and will meet for twice as many hours per week, allowing more contact between faculty and students and more sustained focus on the class content. They will be offered in either the first half of a semester (e.g., Fall A, Spring A, Summer A) or in the second half of a semester (e.g., Fall B, Spring B, Summer B).

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Fall 2020 Opportunities

The Saltzman Institute at Columbia University has implemented a special program for select undergraduate political science majors, the Saltzman Student Scholars Program.

Chosen through competitive application, Saltzman Student Scholars will be invited to public and private Institute events including seminars, round tables, and meetings. They will receive mentoring from members of the Institute and guidance when preparing their applications for graduate school. Scholars can also apply to become research assistants at the Institute.

Applicants must be rising junior or senior declared majors in political science with an interest in international relations.

Applications for Fall 2020 are due Sat., Aug. 15 and must include the following:

  • A one-page memo detailing background, accomplishments, and anticipated future plans
  • A confidential reference letter/email from the student's advisor or a faculty member
  • An unofficial Columbia University transcript

All materials and any questions should be sent to Assistant Director Ingrid Gerstmann.