Majors and Concentrations

The Joint Bachelor’s Degree Program allows students to spend four years examining a specific area of study from two different, international perspectives.  The major that students choose to follow in years one and two at CityU will carry over to their time at Columbia University, and courses within the approved majors are evaluated by both universities to help with the academic planning process in years three and four of the program. 

Students within the four undergraduate colleges at CityU must be following one of the majors listed below in order to be eligible for admission to the Joint Bachelor’s Degree Program. Students following a major in Computer Science are required to complete a mandatory one-year internship in Hong Kong prior to beginning their studies at Columbia University.

School Department Majors
College of Business Economics and Finance

Business Economics

College of Business Computational Finance
Management Sciences

Business Analysis1

College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences Social and Behavioural Sciences
Asian and International Studies Asian and International Studies
Public Policy Public Policy and Politics
College of Science and Engineering2 Computer Science Computer Science
Mathematics Computing Mathematics
Physics Applied Physics
Jockey Club College of Veterinary Medicine and Life Sciences Biomedical Sciences Biological Sciences1

1 Subject to approval
2 The College of Science and Engineering will be restructured into “College of Science” and “College of Engineering” with effect from 1 January 2019.