Welcome from the Dean

Welcome from the Dean

Dear Prospective Student,

Time away from school and the desire to return are often the two things all General Studies students have in common. In every other way, each individual GS student is unique and has his or her own story.

When recruiting, I'm often asked, “What type of person characterizes the typical GS student?” Perhaps the best response to that question is, “What type of person are you?”

GS enrolls world-class dancers, athletes, and musicians, bankers and small business owners, and people who came here from as far away as China, Israel, and Germany. We have students who have completed a year or two of college elsewhere, individuals who have never attended college, and professionals who come to GS to complete second degrees in disciplines they'd always been drawn to, but had not pursued until now.

You will find that School of General Studies students are eclectic, and their careers, passions, and life choices following graduation are diverse.

So come to an information session, take a tour, visit us, and begin the next chapter in the story of your life.

Best regards,

Curtis Rodgers
Vice Dean
Dean of Admissions and Financial Aid