Extended Stay Student Visa with Residency Permit (VLS-TS)

Extended Stay Student Visa with Residency Permit (VLS-TS)

Upon confirming their intent to enroll in the Dual BA Program, students who do not hold citizenship in a European Union member country must apply for the Extended-Stay Student Visa with Residency Permit (VLS-TS). 

Applying for a Student Visa

Please note that the visa application process for American citizens will be changing during the spring and summer of 2018. This page will be updated as more information becomes available. In the interim, please also visit the France-Visas website.

To begin preparing the application for the Extended-Stay Student Visa, please visit the Sciences Po Student Space to download a Certificate of Admission (Certificat de Scolarité) after May 1, 2018. This certificate, along with the acceptance letter to the Dual BA Program, will allow students to begin the visa application process. 

Students must register for a visa interview at their local consulates by May 15, 2018, and visa interviews must take place at their local consulates no later than July 15, 2018.

The processing of a new student visa application can take up to two months, so it is best to schedule an appointment as early as possible. Neither Sciences Po nor Dual BA Program administrations have any impact on consular visa appointment schedules. Students are able to schedule visa appointments with their local consulates before all of the required visa application documents have been collected; all that is needed in order to schedule a visa appointment is the student’s passport number. Please note that the documents required for a visa interview may vary between different consulates, so be sure to visit the consulate’s website for a checklist of all required documents for visa interviews. Allow time for delays in this process.

For complete instructions on applying for the Extended-Stay Student Visa with Residency Permit, please create an account on the Campus France website listed below for your country.

Campus France

Campus France is a French government agency that serves the needs of international students within France. Students from the 36 countries that adhere to the CEF procedure must begin their visa application through Campus France, using the PASTEL process. 

In the 30 countries in which the CEF procedure is active, the Campus France local office:

  • offers applicants interactive online assistance, information, and guidance using a personal messaging system 
  • helps applicants schedule language tests 
  • examines applications for completeness and verifies the authenticity of degrees 
  • schedules interviews with applicants concerning their educational plans

Active CEF Procedure Countries:










Congo (Brazzaville)

Cote d'Ivoire













South Korea





United States



In addition to two original, signed application forms for the Extended-Stay Student Visa, students will likely be required to submit the following documents to the consulate upon arrival for a visa interview appointment (please note that this list is not exhaustive; additional documents may be required by the local consulate):

  • One copy of the official acceptance letter or acknowledgment of enrollment from the Dual BA Program and your Certificat de Scolarité, available in the Sciences Po Student Space after May 1, 2018.
  • A copy of the email message from Campus France (titled “Confirmation E-mail”) informing the student that he or she may begin preparations to apply to the consulate for the visa, which includes making an appointment and collecting all relevant documents 
  • One copy of the Receipt of Payment issued by Campus France
  • Two recent photographs in U.S. passport photo format 
  • Visa processing fee (nonrefundable) in the equivalent of €50 (check student's local consulate website as the exchange rate changes frequently)

One original and one photocopy of the following documents:

  • Passport in good condition, with a date of expiration at least three months after the end of the student’s proposed stay in France, issued within the past ten years and containing at least two blank pages. U.S. Permanent Residents must also bring a photocopy of the pages containing the passport holder’s personal data plus proof of legal presence in the United States (green card, visa, I-20, etc.).
  • Proof of sufficient means of support:
    • Students must prove that they have access to at least $820 USD per month. Proof may be provided in the form of: (i) a bank statement showing a balance of $820 USD multiplied by the number of months to be spent in France; or (ii) a notarized statement from a guarantor declaring that the guarantor will provide the student applicant with at least $820 USD per month, accompanied by the guarantor’s most recent bank statement.
    • Scholarship and financial aid students may provide a letter confirming their scholarship award
  • A copy of the student’s airline reservation showing date of departure or a handwritten and legible statement from the applicant indicating the intended date of departure, as well as a formal commitment not to depart before that date. It is not possible to modify the validity starting date of a visa once the application is made.
  • One positive proof of residence in the geographic area for which the consulate is responsible:
    • Lease or rental agreement in the applicant’s name or a notarized statement from the owner or leaseholder plus a recent utility bill in the applicant’s name
    • The applicant’s driver’s license issued by a state falling within the consulate’s jurisdiction
    • A valid student ID card (or a statement issued within the past two months by the registrar’s office of student's university, which must be located in the consulate’s jurisdiction)

The French Immigration (OFII) form should be filled out by the following students:

  • All students staying in France for more than six months (180 days)
  • Students staying in France for a period of time between four and six months
    (for a total duration of 91-180 days) who wish to be allowed to work in France while studying
  • Students staying in France for a period of time between four and six months
    (for a total duration of 91-180 days) who wish to be able to extend their visa once they are in France


For any questions or concerns regarding the visa application, students should contact their campuses directly.