Housing Reims

Housing Reims

In Reims, a number of organizations are responsible for student services throughout the city. Sciences Po students reside in many different housing situations—some students live in apartments owned and administered by public entities such as the Centre Régional de Oeuvres Universitaires et Scolaires (CROUS) while others secure other private apartments during their time in Reims. Student housing is abundant in Reims, and Sciences Po has a number of rooms reserved in student residences specifically for foreign students. 


Students in Reims have access to apartments in five different residences around the city (details below). These buildings offer studio apartments, which are fully furnished with a bed, desk, chairs, and closet. Each apartment has a separate bathroom and kitchen and offers WiFi and television access. Please note that it is not possible to move into a student apartment after 5pm or on weekends; it is best to contact your residence directly prior to your arrival to schedule your move-in date and time.

Student Residences in Reims | 2014–2015 Sample Rents



Included in Rent

Rent per month
for one tenant
(12-month lease)

SERGIC Résidence Residium
90 rue des Moulins

Studio or 1BR flat

Breakfast (M-F), cleaning service, workout room,
bike parking

€450 – studio
€555 – flat

CROUS Résidence Teilhard
de Chardin
9, rue des Crayères

Studio or 1BR flat (18m²/194ft²)

Water and electricity


Les Estudines Droute d’Erlon
6, rue de Courcelles


24-hour reception,
bike parking,
linen replacement
every two weeks


MGEL Laudine
Rue de la Procession


Workout room,
rec room, laundry, bike parking, cafeteria


MGEL Quai 207
Boulevard du Docteur Henri Henrot


Workout room,
rec room, laundry, bike parking, cafeteria



Applying for Housing

  1. Review the Sciences Po Reims Housing website

  2. Contact Reims campus assistant Anne Vézinaud at anne.vezinaud@sciencespo.fr by May 1, 2015 to start the housing process

  3. Once you are assigned an apartment, you will be asked to pay a deposit on your apartment and to submit the following information to Ms. Vézinaud:

    • Full name, nationality, date of birth

    • Confirmation of residence preference

    • Name and address of your guarantor (within the EU, if applicable). If you do not have a guarantor within the EU, you will be asked to pay a two-month deposit for your apartment.

  4. Upon your arrival in Reims, you will be asked to provide a follow-up file to finalize your lease. Be sure to prepare all of these documents in advance to submit to the student residence administrators:

    • Two photographs

    • Copy of your passport

    • Copy of your residence permit (carte de séjour)

    • Certificate of enrollment at Sciences Po (certificat de Scolarité)

    • Scholarship award letter (if applicable)

    • Written confirmation of Social Security enrollment

    • Proof of renters insurance for your apartment

Contact Information

Sciences Po College Universitaire de Reims
1 Place Museux 
51100 Reims, France
Email: info.reims@sciencespo.fr

Director: Nathalie Jacquet
Email: nathalie.jacquet@sciencespo.fr

Deputy Director:
Olivier Ruchet           
Email: olivier.ruchet@sciencespo.fr
Tel. (33) 03 26 05 94 60