Professional Tracks

Professional Tracks

Premedicine, Oesteopathic Medicine, and Predentistry

Students preparing for admission to allopathic, osteopathic, or dental schools have the same course curriculum. Differences typically occur in clinical or volunteer options.

Preveterinary Medicine

Students preparing for admission to veterinary schools follow the same series of basic requirements that premedical students follow and often need additional requirements such as anatomy and physiology as well as large, small, and exotic animal experience, either paid or volunteer. Students should plan early and carefully for their exotic and large animal experiences because opportunities are limited, especially in New York City. Many students pursue exotic and large animal work in out-of-town settings.

Allied Health Track

The Postbac Premed Program supports students interested in pursuing careers as physician assistants, in occupational or physical therapy, public health, or other health care professions. Much of the coursework required for admission to these professional programs corresponds to the premedical curriculum. As with the premedical students, prehealth students receive close advice and support from the Postbaccalaureate Premedical Office.