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Postbac Premed students' academic experience and success are enriched by the student community.

The Premedical Association (PMA)

The Premedical Association (PMA) is made up entirely of Postbac Premed students and works closely with premedical advisors to build a supportive community through professional, clinical, community service and fundraising projects, and social opportunities that enhance the student experience in the program. From the laboratory to the library, the PMA is a dynamic organization that responds to the changing needs of students each year.

Among the PMA’s most popular events is the annual Medical School Fair, which typically brings admissions representatives from more than 20 medical, dental, and veterinary medical schools to campus, giving students the opportunity to learn about the strengths of the schools directly from their deans and directors of admissions.


Social Justice Medicine

Social Justice Medicine’s mission is to foster awareness of global and domestic human rights issues as well as to provide students and community members with volunteer opportunities in underserved communities. All students are welcome to join SJM meetings, in which we host speakers from organizations at the forefront of the health and human rights arenas. Our aim is to not only educate ourselves on the current medical, legal, economic, and ethical problems plaguing regions and communities in distress, but also to learn about how to become a part of the solution.

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GS Lounge

The General Studies student lounge, on the third floor of Lewisohn Hall, serves as a gathering place for GS Postbac Premed students. The lounge, which contains six computer terminals and printers, also provides GS students with a space to study.

Events Calendar

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