Program Timetable

Program Timetable

The Postbac Premed Program affords students great flexibility, with the option to enroll full- or part-time, beginning study in the fall, spring, or summer. Courses are offered both during the day and in the evening.

Traditional Program

Students interested in beginning the traditional program in the fall can expect to complete their coursework after two full academic years of study. In the third year, known as the glide year, students will focus on applying to medical school while deepening their exposure to medicine through advanced science coursework, research, or clinical work.

Accelerated Program

Students who are up for a challenge and wish to enroll in the accelerated program in the spring can expect to complete coursework within 18 months if they are prepared to begin General Chemistry I, Physics I, and Calculus I. The Accelerated Program is suitable for students who have demonstrated strong quantitative skills and have recently completed calculus or are calculus-ready. Upon completion of academic coursework, students spend the following year applying to medical school, taking advanced coursework, and engaging in research or clinical work like those who undertake the traditional program.

Note: Students may not apply to the accelerated program, but will work with their academic advisor to determine the program that is right for them—the accelerated sequence, a part-time start, or preparatory coursework are all options available to spring admits.

Part-time Program

In addition to both the traditional and the accelerated programs, students may enroll for part-time study, which offers greater flexibility. Many students begin by taking a single course while continuing to work a full-time job; this is especially the case for students who begin in the spring or summer terms in order to complete preparatory coursework before enrolling in the required science courses.

Summer Enrollment

Information is also given on summer enrollment for students who may need to begin their studies in the summer before their first fall enrollment to prepare for mathematics, chemistry, and physics.


The MCAT exam is scheduled to change effective January 2015, the year in which most students entering the Postbac Program in the 2013-2014 academic year or after will be ready to take the exam. Though not likely, this change may have an impact on timetables for some students. It is recommended that students who are concerned about this change consult with the Office of Admissions. For a discussion of the changes, the rationale for making them, and resources available to prospective MCAT2015-takers, visit the MCAT2015 page.