Mandatory New Student Orientation

Mandatory New Student Orientation

Students at GS Orientation

Monday, August 25, 2014 and Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Columbia University
Alfred Lerner Hall
114th Street and Broadway


New Student Orientation is mandatory for all entering Postbac Premed students. Orientation Day and Extended Orientation Week provide an introduction to the stimulating intellectual and social environment at Columbia, as well as the abundant resources available at GS and the University. One of the primary goals of Orientation is to help you navigate the University environment and meet fellow incoming Postbac students.

New Student Orientation is designed to:

  • familiarize students with the standards of the University and principles of our academic community
  • present students with tips and key information that will make the first days at Columbia, and their transition to the Postbac Premed Program, go smoothly
  • introduce students to advisors and important resources critical to personal and academic success at Columbia
  • provide students with the opportunity to meet other Postbac students, new as well as continuing, many of whom will become part of a network of support while at Columbia
  • acquaint students with the history and traditions of GS and Postbac within the context of Columbia’s history
  • help students navigate the Columbia campus and identify the many available resources
  • share with students a portrait of the incoming class in all its diversity and richness as they are welcomed into the vibrant GS community

For specific information about Orientation, see the Orientation Day Schedule. For information about Extended Orientation, see Extended Orientation Events.

For questions regarding Orientation, please contact