Applying for Nomination to a Linkage Program

Applying for Nomination to a Linkage Program

Students wishing to pursue nomination for linkage should consult with their advisors and plan to conduct research into their linkage school options during the fall semester of the orgo/bio year.


For specific dates and details, please consult the timeline. Below is an overview of the timeline for applying for nomination.

Spring Semester before the Orgo/Bio Year

  • Students interested in linkage should attend a linkage information session.
  • Students considering applying for nomination to a linkage program research the linkage programs and meet with their advisor.

Summer before the Orgo/Bio Year

Fall Semester of Orgo/Bio Year

  • Prospective nominees must complete and submit the internal application by the date in September specified on the timeline.
  • Prospective nominees must request letters of recommendation from faculty for courses already completed, supervisors, their undergraduate college, and others who may be able to write insightfully about them.
  • By December 1, prospective nominees must submit the linkage school essay and the verification of clinical health care work. This is also the date by which letters of recommendation are due (with the exception of letters requested from fall semester faculty).

Spring Semester of Orgo/Bio Year

  • At the beginning of the spring semester, after fall grades become available, the Premedical Committee will announce its nominations.
  • Nominees are then given their school's linkage application timeline, including deadline dates for AMCAS, the secondary application, MCAT, interview date and so forth.
  • Letters of recommendation from fall semester faculty are due by the beginning of the spring semester.

Nomination Decisions

Nominations are made at the discretion of the Premedical Committee. Decisions are non-negotiable and are not open to petition.

Nomination to be a linkage applicant is by no means a guarantee of acceptance to the linkage school.